Nature and Science 

Heal, nurture and connect.









Using skincare products that are natural and effective. Facials should be an experience, to nurture your body and mind. Using Aveda and Veso skincare products that I love and believe in. From the ancient art of ayurveda comes the rituals of Aveda, ecologically-minded and rooted in earths history. 

With science as a starting point, Verso makes high-quality products with a low ingredient count. It's scientific insights have properties of the vitamin A unique Retinol 8 complex that propelled Verso into existence.

Beauty from the earth, safe, effective and healing.











Beauty from within.

Skincare that is medicinal.

Beauty comes from within, but how we care for our skin is a ritual in of it's self. A facial isn't a luxury, it's a self care practice to ensure strength and health to our delicate skin. Facials provide a boost of nutrition to your skin, as your daily ritual maintains that glow and health. I'm happy and honored to guide you every step of the way, to beauty out and in. 

During your skin aligning session, hydrating masks, exfoliants, facial oils and skin tonics will be massaged into the facial skin using a Gua Sha. Light body compression and massage with essential oils are included to relieve tension and stress, lower cortisol and boost healing within the nervous system. 

Both body and mind are refreshed and nourished. 

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