Move to Nourish.

What we eat and how we treat ourselves directly effects how we feel and the way we can live our lives. I offer Nutritional Alignments with private Skype/FaceTime or in person Nutrition Counceling. Together we custom design a healing, nutrition and wellness plan to  help you reconnect with your true self and achieve your goals. Customizing and guiding you with meal planning, stocking your kitchen with healing foods, superfoods, and supplements and together we will explore how food is truly medicine, delicous, easy and fun.  

Move to Heal.

Offering guidance and insight on a variety of unique USDA Organic healing Superfoods, Teas, and Medicinal Adaptogenic blends to assist you in your journey to wellness and happiness.  These blends of Medicinal Mushrooms, Adaptogens and nutrient dense Superfoods not only taste delicious but are designed  with optimal,  texture and serving size so I take the guest work out for you.  So you can easy to effortlessly incorporate them into your everyday life, bringing optimal wellness and happiness to your life as you reconnect with your true self.  

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