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Barre Training - The Movement Concept

The Movement Concept Trainings - Barre

Training Days: 3/14, 3/15, 3/28, 3/29 12:00-7:30pm

The Movement Concept Trainings are created with the intention of teaching others how to be strong in body, mind and spirit. We believe that complete wellness creates the conditions for you to find your own personal strengths and, together with support and community, allow you to step fully into your power.

Our larger mission is to cultivate the space for people to heal themselves, so that they can do their part to heal the world. By combining movement, nutrition, energetic & vibrational healing and contemplative practices, our trainings offer a complete path to self-care, self-discovery and wholeness. Each training is created to provide you with the tools to be your own healer, then go out and heal. Whether you dream of teaching yoga, a functional movement style class or to expand your personal practice, the journey begins within you.

The Movement Concept is not just another fitness or yoga training. It’s a realization of a dream many years in the making and the unshakable belief that together we can change the world.


In this Barre Training, you'll learn how to cohesively blend Yoga, Pilates, classic Ballet movements and Aerobic styles to sequence and create a unique class experience. Using the rich philosophy of yoga and the physical movement styles of these functional fitness programs, you will learn to guide students through connecting mind, body and spirit.

Expand your reach as an instructor and help students reach their individual and collective potential.

This 30-hour training is completed over 4 days and consists of in-studio training, home study and assistance in classes.

To earn certification, you must:
- Attend a minimum of 10 Barre or Cardio Barre Movement Classes (the cost of prerequisite classes ARE included in the training);
- Teach practice classes;
- Substitute a minimum of 5 Barre Movement Classes;
- One-on one-time with Chrissy and Carrie before Final Review
(time to reflect, hone skill sets and connect); and
- Final Review

Once accepted and certified, you will be able to teach
The Movement Concept™️ Barre Movement.


Experienced or certified teacher, leading group movement on the beat or with breath for at least one year prior to the start of the training.


Understanding: form & alignment, clear vocal quality, authentic voice, intelligent cueing of all transitions.

Energy: passionate, connected, inspiration, strong and approachable.

Personality: confident, fun presence, command of the room.

Music: brand-aligned, soulful, dynamic song choices that will build WITH the movement in your classes.

Technique: the ability to identify, count, and teach on the beat

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