My passion for health and wellness has been cultivated over the last decade. Through countless experiences, trainings, and life lessons. I have  been teaching yoga, barre and group fitness classes full time and feel incredibly grateful I get to live out my true calling and share that joy everyday. Working with nutrition and skin care clients, over the last 15 years has been not only rewarding but exciting to see the moments of self empowerment in each client as they choose to  improve the quality of their lives. I'm driven to help others achieve their goals and help them reconnect with their true self to find happiness and bliss.

My journey to health and wellness has been an amazing experience. In which I obtained my Esthetician License at an Ayurvedic Wellness school, became Certified in Medical Esthetics. Practice Nutrition Wellness, completed an RYT 200 hr, and currently have over a decade of experience in the fitness and wellness industry. Teaching Barre, Pilates and Group fitness. Sharing this knowledge with others is most definitely my life’s work.

I'm currently pursuing a study in eastern healing practices in plant medicines and traveling to Peru to work with local shaman to further my studies.

I  love combining the knowledge of all these modalities to bring optimal health, vitality and joy to every experience.

The Movement is a move towards a collective consciousness for global strength and peace. My vision is to move, change and expand minds, body’s and souls one human at a time. Contributing happiness and peace individualy and then globally as we expand and assist each other in healing the world.
— Mission & Vision